There is often a thin line in both the art and music world when it comes to inspiration vs. plagerism. Art can definitely be inspired by many different things in life, and can also be inspired by other artist's work or style. Though... Continue Reading →

Do #AnimalLivesMatter? You be the judge.

Women go through a lot, don't call them by another name.

Synopsis of an artist's dream.

Why do they consider it a drug? Maybe because it's thrilling, I don't know from experience, but they say it can be fulfilling.  Running to & fro just to get a quick fix. Trying to mend the heart with temp... Continue Reading →

Well... while others may have very unique and interesting quirks, I merely have the quirk of humming. If that is really a quirk. Either way, this has been my quirk since I can remember.  As I got older I remember... Continue Reading →

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