It had been a good while since I’ve had a vivid dream that I could recall details from, but this dull Friday evening, exhausted from boredom, I fell into a deep sleep…

I was preparing myself psychologically to fly a small plane. (Don’t ask me how I got to that point, because I have no idea. You know how dreams go. Back to the dream. ) My sister & my mom already did their solo flights  & I was extremely nervous because it required you to fly an airplane yourself, then either jump out in a parachute or fly it back down. I knew I had a better chance parachuting, but that didn’t make the idea any more appealing. 

I waited at my dorm room with the other participants for my turn. It was chaos. I’m not exactly sure if it was a college dorm fully, there were tons of people there. A huge tank stood ominously in the room with several ugly big ol fish & a huge red froglike creature that barely fit. Every time it came near the edge guys would run for their lives to the other side. I surely did too. There was also a river/pool/bathtub kinda shaped like a racing slide at one point. One lane had only water and another lane had a lot of soap. I saw Ms. Demetrius, a church friend, floating by in the sudsy waters happily singing Jamaican songs. I also saw (my brotha from another motha) Daniel glide through, along with several other people that I went to school with.

 I walked around a bit and I saw some girls that looked like they went to my college. I know one did. Anyway, one Asian girl randomly told me (didn’t ask btw) to kiss her on the cheek, her forehead and then her lips. I was confused and of course surprised but she looked good, and who am I to deny her dreams anyway right??  So I oblige. She tells me, “Mmm that wasn’t good enough, do it again”. (Or something like that) I gladly did, don’t really remember the kiss, but I guess you never really remember those parts. Her friends told me to call her later, and I was like “cool”. 

I walked around some more and swam in the river/pool (not the bathtub part though). The huge frogish creature almost escaped again & I tell you, we were petrified. The guys of the dorm thought they’d get kicked out because it was truly a trap house.

(No drugs were sold in the making of this dream) 

I don’t think I ever ended up flying, however, I did visit brotha Qwynn along with his pet Doberman. He was a pretty friendly dog,, until he bit my hand. Of course, like a boss, my hand didn’t bleed or anything, and life continued. 

That’s all I remember. I apologize if it was confusing. Just like my thoughts, my dreams are all over the place. That is the vivid dreams of an artist I guess. I hope you’ve enjoyed this story though. Dream on my friends!! (Just, not in class… Or work either)