It has occurred to me a while back, that the word used previously to describe a dog of the female gender is now heavily used to describe women in a negative way. For the sake of the reader I will substitute this word for “beagle“. Sometimes it can even be considered endearing, and oddly enough, women use it to describe themselves in a positive way. I never got what a bad beagle was supposed to mean. Either way, I find this very odd and troubling because of the simple fact that we all at some point came from a woman, or have a woman in our lives we care about. Yes, there are many trifling women out there, some may even be considered pure evil sidekicks of the devil himself, but I have truly been blessed not to know too many like that.

However, I feel that everyone deserves respect, even if you have to give it to them from a distance. Women honestly go through a lot, from creepy random guys trying to hit on them, discrimination, monthly anguish, harassment, societal pressure to be perfect, to bad hair days, you go through a lot, and I feel for you ladies. 
Sadly, I have observed that in the black community this word is used to describe women more often than in other cultures. Why is that? I don’t even know if I have the answer to that yet.

I have personally been asked a couple times as a black man “You’ve got all the “beagles” don’t ya man?” I swiftly respond with a laugh “not at all”. First of all, because I don’t call them “beagles“, I call them women, and secondly because the ladies have no love for Ray so I have zero. Seriously. It’s alright though. I think I’ll live.

Overall I strongly feel that we should respect all women, and all people. I would probably be writing this on a crumpled piece of paper in a cold musky cell if some guy called my sister or mom a beagle to be honest. Some may not feel this same passion, and that’s okay. Just remember, we all came from a woman, and they all (even the evil ones) deserve respect. Please don’t call yourself a beagle ladies, and don’t call others beagles, leave the beagles to the dogs. That’s how I see it. “B” is for Beagle, and that’s good enough for me.